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Oh, @radiohead … Why do you keep making me feel all those feelings you make me feel? #waterworks #heinekenmusichall #iamsterdam #immerseyoursoulinlove (at Heineken Music Hall)

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Banks & Steelz: ‘Love + War’ (feat. Ghostface Killah)

After announcing their new joint project Banks & Steelz, Interpol’s Paul Banks and the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA have just premiered their first single, ‘Love + War’, which features the talents of fellow Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah.

The track is a fast-paced affair, drawing on a multitude of inspirations, and everything points to a tremendously interesting album.

‘Love + War’ is available on Apple Music, where it just premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show.

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Benoit PaillĂ©: ‘Alternatives Landscape’

In this series of iridescent photographs, Canadian artist Benoit Paillé introduces a foreign object, in the shape of a luminous square, to various environments, thus creating a whole new narrative.

I think that photography doesn’t represent reality, but creates it. In this project, a concrete form is integrated to the landscape and paradoxically gives to the image a surreal aspect. The whole thing is done in an empirical way, and is guided by a formal research both obsessive and demanding.
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Father John Misty: ‘Real Love Baby’

Aside from his recent — albeit hilarious — antics, involving Prius jingles and House of Cards theme lyrics, we haven’t heard any actual music from Josh Tillman’s alter ego Father John Misty for almost half a year.

No more waiting. Today, Tillman dropped a new track named ‘Real Love Baby’. However, it is not quite clear whether it is an actual, non-ironic single — or if he’s just taking the piss out of late-70’s soft rock. Regardless, the track is shamelessly catchy.

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…and true love waits in haunted attics.
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Radiohead: ‘Daydreaming’

After just one Instagram teaser this time around, Radiohead have released another entirely new single, titled ‘Daydreaming’. Furthermore, they have announced a release date for LP9.

‘Daydreaming’ is both subdued and soaring, and accompanied by a music video by Paul Thomas Anderson (with whom Jonny Greenwood has a long-standing work partnership), which features a meandering Thom Yorke on the search for … something.

Radiohead’s new album is released digitally on Sunday evening, May 8th, and the ‘Daydreaming’ music video can be seen on Radiohead’s website this very instant.

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ANOHNI: ‘Crisis’

Though ANOHNI’s new album ‘Hopelessness’ isn’t released until tomorrow, it’s already getting rave reviews.

Aside for the two singles already released, another song off the album, titled ‘Crisis’, has leaked — and it’s every bit as soul-shatteringly beautiful as its title implies.

‘Hopelessness’ drops on 6/5, 2016.

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LUH: ‘$oro’

Among disappointing things to happen in 2012, WU LYFE’s break-up after releasing only one (spectacular!) album was right up there. As a silver lining, the former members have steadily released music on their own in the following years.

The latest being the new single ‘$oro’ from singer Ellery Roberts’ latest project LUH, alongside Ebony Hoon.

While bombastic and anthemic like their previous singles, ‘$oro’ furthermore takes on a beat-heavy, auto-tuned, almost EDM-banger quality. It is hard to pin down — but man, it’s vicious.

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Radiohead: ‘Burn the Witch’

Turns out, the short Instagram videos released by Radiohead throughout the day, were all excerpts from the marvellous stop-motion animated music video for their brand spanking new single, ‘Burn the Witch’.

LP9 looms even closer, and it’s difficult not to burst from anticipation.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure on Radiohead’s website.

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Well, this is almost unbearably exciting.

After completely obliterating their entire online prescence last week, Radiohead have started releasing short claymation videos on their Instagram account during the last couple of hours.

Seems like their 9th album is right around the corner!

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