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Barbara Morgenstern: ‘Brainfuck’

This drony and itchy-glitchy track from Berlin-based electronic music artist Barbara Morgenstern is everything my cold and grey November nights need.

Morgenstern’s latest album ‘Unschuld und Verwüstung’ is out now on Staatsakt.

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Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power: ‘Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now’

Amanda Palmer just released the music video for her latest single, and it hits you like a stack of bricks to the face.

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Spiritualized: ‘And Nothing Hurt’

Friendly service announcement that Spiritualized’s first album in six years is absolutely goddamn spectacular.

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Uffie: ‘Sideways’

Ah, Uffie. Unsung pioneer of that often ripped-off Myspace-era sound ( you know the one), and undisputed staple in my personal high school soundtrack — who, instead of blowing up into a bonafide pop phenomenon, just sort of disappeared for eight years.

2018 turned out to be the year of her surprise return. And August, 2018 turned out to be the month where she released this deliciously dark melodic pop fantasy, named ‘Sideways’.

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Femern Horizon. (at Scandlines Rødby-Puttgarden)

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“You can count your karma if Nirvana is your goal.
You can shake and you can rattle. You can rock and roll.
You can be a Clark Kent or a Lois, or an Alice down the hole.
You can be a vampire on a mountain with a heart of stone black coal.

You can be a leather angel on a sleek, black Harley bike.
Or a redhead screaming faggot or a dazzling dyke.
You can lock yourself in a closet in a fine mink stole.
But it doesn’t really matter if you ain’t got soul.”

— Marsha P. Johnson, c. 1985 🌈

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Woke up to heartbreaking news this morning. After disappearing earlier in the week, Scott Hutchison from the band Frightened Rabbit was found, apparently having taken his own life.

Scott Hutchison was a beautiful musician and songwriter, who very openly dealt with severe depression and anxiety. His music has helped countless people (myself included) going through dark times in their lives.

In the UK, 75% of all suicides are committed by men, and suicide is estimated to be the single biggest cause of death for males below the age of 45. These are devastating numbers, especially considering how much of a taboo mental health still is — especially when we live in a society that teaches such rigid notions of masculinity and manhood.

Mental illness is never your own fault. Having a mental illness is just as valid as having any other kind of illness. Vulnerability does not equal weakness, and does not make you any less of a man.

Looking forward, I sincerely hope that our views on gender will evolve to a place, where we teach our boys that it is okay to express themselves, to share their emotions, to show vulnerability.

Hug your loved ones, don’t be afraid to reach out to people, and always be kind.


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Teacup nebula.

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  1. Make Me Feel — Janelle Monáe
  2. Hot Pink — Let’s Eat Grandma
  3. FaceshoppingSOPHIE
  4. Moon River — Frank Ocean
  5. Me Voy (King Doudou Remix) — Ibeyi feat. Mala Rodríguez
  6. Soul Syncable — Sevdaliza
  7. If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead — James Blake
  8. Bird of Prey — Dita von Teese & Sébastien Tellier
  9. The Barely Blur (Ó & Bellows Cover)WHY? feat. Ó & Bellows
  10. I’d Rather Be With Them — Marika Hackman
  11. Picturesong — Girlpool
  12. Turn Around — Dungen & Woods
  13. Next of Kin — Lucy Dacus
  14. Marble Skies — Django Django
  15. Nameless, Faceless — Courtney Barnett
  16. Pointlessness — The Voidz
  17. An Acre of LandPJ Harvey & Harry Escott
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August Chills

  1. Desire — Everything Everything
  2. Is This Ready? — Sleep Thieves
  3. Runnerup — Doldrums
  4. Deflect the Light — Vessels (feat. the Flaming Lips)
  5. Burn It Down — Daughter
  6. Fake It — Drinker
  7. That’s Not Us — Beatrice Eli
  8. Grounds for Resentment — Kele Okereke (feat. Olly Alexander)
  9. Carin at the Liquor Store — The National
  10. Welcome Oxygen (Day Five) — Will Samson
  11. Here — Noga Erez
  12. Let Me Go — Philip Selway
  13. Quarrel (Edit) — Moses Sumney
  14. Treetops — Cloud Control
  15. Nowhere to Run / BanditsUNKLE
  16. Songthing to Remember Me By — The Horrors
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