Majken Bagge is an art director, illustrator & music geek. Though not necessarily in that order.

And starting now, I will stop referring to myself in the 3rd person. Hi, hello, I’m Majken. I hail from the canola fields of south-eastern Denmark and am currently based in Cologne, Germany. I earned my Bachelor in Graphic Communications from the School of Visual Communication in 2012, and have spent my time in various European cities, working with agencies like ilovedust and Meiré und Meiré, and collaborating with companies such as Berlin Biennale, Côte&Ciel, Deutsche Telekom, Jack & Jones, Tictac and Vimeo, as well as publications like Brand Eins and Kid’s Wear. Currently, I’m hanging out a lot at KW43, where I work as a Senior Art Director.

What I do

I create visual communication; founded in solid ideas and executed with rigorous attention to detail. My process is ever-changing, as no two projects are exactly the same, and I firmly believe in creating solutions that are enticing, functional and never boring.