Vimeo Festival

Bringing film festivals to a new generation of content creators.
Proposal (Internship Project)
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Vimeo Festival + Awards is a three-day event planned by video-sharing website Vimeo. It consists of workshops, lectures, discourses, video screenings, et cetera — and culminates in a big award show, celebrating the very finest of online video. The event takes place in New York City’s Chelsea District.

This project was done during my internship at ilovedust. I was working with the good people at ilovedust during the initial stages of the project, and decided to develop an identity proposal as an assignment for Design School. The official job wrapped up some time after I finished my internship, and a couple of major elements from my proposal made their way to the final design.

I wanted to create something that manifests the event as a serious celebration of a media in rapid development, while concurrently reflecting the joy and vivacity of DIY-filmmaking.

All video stills are © Vimeo.